I JUST HAVE THIS WEIRD FEELING! I can’t deallllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I love him assfgghjklllllllllllll <3333333 

Anonymous asked:
most amazing guy/girl at your new school...???

Myself. Obv

Anonymous asked:
What annoys you the most?

Suck ups or just people that can’t get things through their head

tiaplays asked:
you are absolutely adorable lil darlin. stay sexy!

HAHAHAHA this made me giggle :’)

Anonymous asked:
hello, wow you are so stunning. I'm sorry if this question is really invasive, but how are you so skinny and still look good? How much do you weigh? What do you do to keep fit? You are actually so perfect, and all your photos are so perfect and your instagram too. CAN I BE YOU? I WISH I HAD ENOUGH CONFIDENCE TO WEAR A BIKINI TO THE BEACH WITH NO SHAME. please tell me your secret to being perfect

Aw, first of all thank you :) this really made me smile ahhaha but I’m not perfect and I never will be. It’s taken me a long time to get to where I am and I’m still far from perfect. No question is too invasive, I’ll answer anything.
Ok so at the moment I weigh 48kg. It’s taken me ages to finally become happy with my body. I used to weigh 55kg and dropped a massive 7kg when my “bestfriend” called me fat. From there was just down hill for me, I started training like crazy. And when I say crazy I mean like training so vigerously too the point of almost getting shin splints. The bad thing was, I was hardly eating and I would just drink water all day… Then when I realized what I was doing wasn’t right I had to change a lot of my diet and decisions. I started eating healthier and more often and training every second - third day, instead of everyday to help give my body a break.
At this point I was very skinny but I still wasn’t happy with myself. I started seeing a counsellor and it really helped and open my eyes up. I then learnt that happiness isn’t about your appearance or what you look like because someone times you can’t help things like your build. I leant to accept myself for me and not for what anyone else thinks! And you should too! So instead of telling me how you idolise me, look in the mirror and appreciate who and what you are! Because I know you’re beautiful

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever be up to dating someone at your school?

Yes, well I can’t change my feelings just because of the place I see someone, if that’s what I want and if that’s what my heart tells me to do, I’ll do it. I won’t listen to anyone if I love a guy

pike6342 asked:
Alright well I know you something so what is it. And what do I got to do to get it

I don’t have kik tho wth

Anonymous asked:
Curvy girls pull off a bikini better than you any day of the week

Glad you feel strongly about your opinion :)

Anonymous asked:
Boys don't like bones

Wow alright.

Anonymous asked:

I’m actually not.